Contacts GM

Manage your contacts more efficiently

Universal application for management of address book. Create and modify groups, send mails and messages to all contacts of a group in one operation.

Contains a Today widget that shows the birthdays.
The app can send local notifications for birthdays.

Main features are:

● add, modify, delete, copy contacts groups
● add, modify, delete contacts
● add and delete contacts in groups
● send mail or message (SMS) to all contacts of a group in one operation
● send an attachment via mail to all contacts of a group (via Open in)
● import contacts from a vCard file into one or more groups from the address book (via Open in)
● the ability to view a contact's address in Maps®, Google Maps® [webapp], Google Maps® [app] or Tomtom® if installed
● the ability to send mail via GMail® or Sparrow® if installed
● Favorites